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Appreciate any Help with Leica X Vario City Challenge Image Submission - Thank you!

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Appreciate any Help with Leica X Vario City Challenge Image Submission - Thank you!

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Posted: 12-8-13 8:49 AM - Views: 1056

By: Ramon Torralba

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I'm Ramón, (cousin to Jorge). Although I do not own a Leica, I was fortunate enough to use one this past Friday during the Leica X Vario City Challenge in Miami. The challenge also took place in New York, DC, and LA. Myself and 29 others in Miami were loaned an X Vario for four hours. I was able to shoot 146 images in a little over 3 hours throughout the Wynwood District of the city. If you're not familiar with Wynwood, check out Wynwood Walls when you have a chance, and you'll see some of the most incredibly awesome graffiti art that served as our backdrop for the challenge. Other than the few shots I took while having accidentally moved the focus ring off its AF setting, I was very impressed with the images it produced. What I liked most about the camera was the flip-up viewfinder. Looking down at the camera helped me be a bit less afraid of getting closer to people on the street. I wish Fuji made a similar viewfinder for their X100, what I normally shoot. With approximately 45 minutes remaining before I had to return it, the camera shut down from a low battery. I think Leica timed the event perfectly. It would've been nice to have a 2nd battery, but i never gave it a second thought, and I'm not sure if it would've been within the rules of the challenge to have a 2nd battery. I'm glad I signed up. Win or lose I had a blast. I have to pick one image taken with the X Vario on Friday and submit it before midnight tonight. I'm blown away by many of your images here on Leica Images. The pictures I took on Friday don't compare with the majority of the images posted here, but if you could take a minute to look through my photos and help me pick the one you like the most, I would be most grateful. Thank you all for your help.


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Reply Nr.3 from Ramon Torralba on 12-10-13 4:24 PM

Thank you for liking and commenting on my Leica X Vario set which helped me choose my submission for the challenge.

The voting started yesterday at Leica Store Miami’s Facebook page by way of “likes”. I am sharing the link to all the photos here in case any of you that are on Facebook would like to vote for the picture you like best.


Reply Nr.2 from Ramon Torralba on 12-9-13 2:57 AM

Thanks Huss. That was my favorite as well. I submitted 39531. Huge thanks to all who liked and commented and helped me pick.

Reply Nr.1 from Huss Hardan on 12-8-13 8:11 PM

Hey Ramon!

The one I like the most is the photo of the blonde lady walking in front of the mural.
The colors of her dress seem to match the wall.

Best of luck.
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