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Category: General Discussion

Posted: 12-5-13 8:59 AM - Views: 917

By: Glen Charles

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I've been up for several nights now reading reviews on this camera. It looks interesting. I'm testing my other bridge camera S100fs, my D70, and the DMC-L10 which are small DSLRS, and my two Nex-5s with various lenses, and checking performance against what I see posted of the RX 10.

Anyone got any comments on the RX 10?

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Reply Nr.2 from Glen Charles on 12-7-13 8:08 AM

Well, there is some discussion about using WA lenses on the 7r. If you follow the thread in the forum, it should help. The advantage of the RX10 is the super zoom lens, and movies!
Reply Nr.1 from Gip Young on 12-7-13 5:51 AM

Read several reviews on the camera. Appears to be better than the Panasonic, but at twice the price. At a lower price point I would be interested. But would rather gather more coins and get a 7r. Cheers
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