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Seeing the whole picture

Seeing the whole picture

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Posted: 12-2-13 3:41 AM - Views: 566

By: Glen Charles

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Am I the only one who didn't know how to see the pictures at full size?

Thanks to JT, I know.

You have to click on the little blue button at the top of the picture that has four arrows on it. This opens the image in another browser window, but now at full picture size, so you have to scroll around to see the entire image. And if you also set the browser to "presentation mode" (on Chrome Browser) then the entire screen is devoted to just the picture. This way you can look at the details and you get rid of the banding artifacts in skies caused by allowing the browser to scrunch down the picture to fit the browser display size (which in my case is about 900 pixels high.)

Try it, you'll like it.
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