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NEWS BRIEF: New sensor designs from SONY

NEWS BRIEF: New sensor designs from SONY

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Posted: 11-15-13 6:43 AM - Views: 771

By: Glen Charles

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You may not know that SONY produces most of the sensors for most cel phones, such as iPhone 4S and 5S. Also they make a lot of the sensors for Nikon, as well as SONY cameras. IN the 16 MP chip, SONY is the main supplier for the world.

Now they have applied for a patent (JUlY 2013 report) for an 8 color chip for their upcoming designs. It has RGBCMYGW filter array.

Hey! They are returning to CMY for better color reproduction. That's the chip in the old Digilux 1, DMC-LC5 cameras that I love for their colors.

BTW, the RX100 has a white pixel added to its display (the display was a result of celPhone design.)
"The RX100 was the first camera to use Sony's 'Whitemagic' display technology first introduced on the company's Experia P smartphone. Whitemagic adds a fourth white pixel to the red, green and blue matrix hence the increase in resolution from 921,600 to 1,228,800 pixels."


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This shows the improvement in SEnsor performance of SONY APS-C, Nikon and Canon over time. Tests from DXO labs
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"Although the markets for interchangeable single lens camera is growing steadily, the Digital Imaging industry, as a whole, is undergoing changes in market forces, including rapid contraction of market for compact digital camera and the market contraction for video cameras. Under these conditions, Sony will accelerate, therefore, enhanced product appeal in high value-added models by utilizing key devices developed in-house, such as image processing engines, lens and image sensors. One example, is the critically acclaimed RX series of high-resolution premium camera models that use high-performance image sensors."

Currently, 80% of Sony sensor volumes go to mobile phones, but most of the money is generated from DSLR sensor sales,
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Sony unveils Rx-100 II compact camera featuring 1-inch (13.2 x 8.8 mm) BSI CMOS sensor. The sensor's resolution is 20.2MP and the pixel size is 2.4um. Sony says that it is approximately 40% more sensitive to light compared to the same size FSI sensor in last year's RX100 camera.
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