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Subject: Feedback on site presentation please.

Category: Suggestions & Bug Reports

Posted: 11-9-13 1:17 PM - Views: 746

By: Jt

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[size=17]Your feedback please. I am constantly working on site presentation. Please provide your feedback on the existing thumbnails and proposed thumbnails. For the ones in the works, hover over the lower part of the thumbnails to view the details details. Again, please let me know what you think.[/size]

zeissimages.com/standardgallery.php?photoage=7&showall]Existing layout or zeissimages.com/sg.php?photoage=7&showall]Proposed Layout
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Reply from Diane Thies on 11-10-13 10:19 AM

JT, the proposed thumbnail is so cool…..nice to be able to see the larger image, then also the details, if wanted. Good work AGAIN….

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