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Cameras being used by LI contributors

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Cameras being used by LI contributors

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 11-7-13 8:04 AM - Views: 1089

By: Glen Charles

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This report for JT primarily, but you all may be interested.

Have you noticed the change in the camera mix here? More and more photographers are using something other than M series Leicas. For example during the last 30 days, 1200 pictures have been posted at LI. (compare Ag2Si which posted 140 in the same period.)

Of these 1200 pictures:

240 came from M9 cameras from basically 4 photographers: Nemlich, CED, Friedeye, Horst, with a few postings by others.

32 from M Monochrom cameras, mostly from Cancan, Jrbelmuda and Ioss

72 came from M8 cameras, almost all from Handgun, Horst, bwibowo, Ndr3n

Film cameras accounted for:

64 came from M6 cameras, most of those from Vidisorin

16 from M3 cameras, almost all from Desmolicious

And a few came from the compact X1

24 from X1 cameras, mostly from Evje, and Mengkudu

So, in the last 30 days, 424 pictures were made with Leica M cameras, and all these were posted by 10 photographers,

In the last 30 days 752 pictures were made with non-Leica cameras, by more than 30 photographers.

So, during the last 30 days, 75% of the photographers used non-Leica M cameras, and were responsible for 65% of the pictures posted.

Many of those non-Leica M cameras had Leica branded lenses.

What can we infer from this data?

That the cost of owning Leica M digital cameras is driving Leicaphiles towards mirrorless cameras that can mount their Leica glass?

That compact camera with Leica glass are more convenient to carry around?

Any opinions, anyone?

Also of the 2000+ members listed on LI, only 40 have posted during the last 30 days. Any ideas about this? Are we not encouraging people to post? Is the talk about excluding non-Leica camera pictures, driving some people away from the site?

Are we not being generous enough with our comments, or is our reluctance to comment on pictures disappointing newbies?

Like to hear from at least 40 photographers (regular contributors.)

One thing is certain, the quality of the pictures posted here is improving every week.

Replies ...

Reply Nr.11 from Huss Hardan on 11-14-13 1:51 PM

1/ Welcome to my M3 world Jim! Really a wonderful and useable camera. The viewfinder puts my M-E to shame.
2/ I'd be posting much more with my M-E, if I had it. But alas it is waiting for a new CCD board under warranty. It will be out of my hands for about 3 months.
3/ My interest in the Sony A7 is increasing, as it can handle my Leica glass (apart from the 28mm and below), has a much more modern sensor, and if anything happens I am sure I would not be waiting 3 months for a repair. And that is not taking into account that is is half the price.
4/ But... my attraction to my beleagured M-E over the A7 is that is really is just a digital M. All I care about is that it has a digital back. I want the barest of controls, and love using the optical rangefinder. Which leads to..
5/ If Cosina Voigtlander ever introduces a digital Zeiss Ikon, that is just like the current one with a digital back, then I'd get one of those for my Leica glass.
Reply Nr.10 from Brian Whitcomb on 11-9-13 9:23 PM

I shoot with an Olympus OMD EM5 that has been in my bag for about 6 months or so. I strongly considered an M8, but it does not fit my needs as a complete system right now as I shoot not only photos, but video as well. Having a very compact device that can produce not only great images, but also wonderful vignettes is what decided it for me. While my subject matter varies, the centerpiece is my children, and this camera allows me the best captures in both photo and movie. I anticipate adding more Leica glass to my bag in the future that I can use with an adapter. So, I suspect that for other photographers on this site, the use of other mirrorless systems is possibly due to the price point of M bodies and with the world of adapters, Leica glass can be used on many systems now. As much as I would love shooting with an M8 or M9, they don't completely fit my needs. I can see switching to an M rangefinder in the future, but for now, will use Leica glass on my OMD.

I do agree that the quality of work on this site continues to improve and conveys many different and unique perspectives.
Reply Nr.9 from Jerry on 11-9-13 12:05 PM

Fellow photographers...I enjoy viewing the images on all of the sites that are available. The diversity and quality is astounding! During my journey thru photography I have used the tools that I had available at the time, and they were generally not the most expensive, or the most recent cameras and lens available.
My philosophy has been that the "IMAGE" is the most important thing. I don't care what kind of equipment a person uses. I am only interested in that" end product". I believe that the creative aspect that is possible in making an image, is as important, if not more so than the equipment used. When I see an fine image, it only makes me press on, in the hope that my next picture will be better than my last one.
Do I show my images to solicit favorable comments, no! Do I appreciate them, yes!
I just hope my photos will help someone else in their pursuit of that elusive "perfect image", that I have been unable to produce in my many years of making pictures.
Please, just consider this as an opinion, from an old guy with a camera Who very much likes photography. I do not own any Leica equipment at this time, but, I can assure you that the camera and lenses that I have, are used faithfully, and to the best of my ability.
If you wish for me to remove my images from the Leica site, it will not be a problem, I understand.
Reply Nr.8 from Wayne Foley on 11-9-13 7:50 AM

I have been a member for just over a year,and I can only speak from my own personal experience. I have only recently switched to a leica m6 and m7 after many years of shooting with a nikon based system. I love the simplicity of the leicas,but there has been a learning curve moving to a rangefinder system. I have tried digital cameras ,but they just are not for me. As far as posting,this is something very new for me and when I first came upon this site I thought I would take the plunge and begin to post shots that I have taken with my Leica. I have not posted anything that I shot over the years with my other system as I wanted to respect the nature of the site. I do not post as frequently as many others on the site not because I do not enjoy or feel in any way that the site has shifted from it's stated intent or because of lack of feedback or encouragement from other photographers. It is simply because of time constraints placed on me because of other obligations in my life. I love photography and I have certainly been reinvigorated moving to the Leica system, but time to enjoy this wonderful obsession is limited for me. I generally shoot a number of rolls over a period of weeks or months and then have the film developed. I try to be selective about what I post and limit the shots to what I find that moves me in some way. As with most people I hope that my photography is viewed favourably by others and is enjoyed by people. It certainly is nice when people comment but it does not deter me in any way whether folks do or not and I will continue to use this wonderful site as time permits. My two cents
Reply Nr.7 from Jim Parriott on 11-8-13 10:59 AM

I'm a lover of rangefinders - in fact, I just bought an M3. Greatly prefer their simple operating mechanics and clean build to anything else… and I find point and shoot AF boring.

That said, the A7 is a very tempting camera and, like JT, I can see myself ordering one. Same bells and whistles as the M 240, at least as good IQ, and will allow my wife to use as an AF camera and me to use with my M glass. All for a lot less money. The times are certainly changing.

So, regarding the board: as much as I like the idea of a Leica community, the lines are blurry. Panaleica? Leica glass on a Nex body? Is it OK for me to use my Ikon? I think that we need to change with the world. JT has a bunch of boards, and they seem to be getting far less traffic than this one. Maybe it's time to consolidate.
Reply Nr.6 from Leica Images on 11-7-13 8:42 PM

[quote]waeshael wrote:

I wish that there was more exchange of information by them - the translation between languages needs to be easier, that would improve things. How about a Google translator window in a pull down menu?

thanks JT for creating and maintaining LI.


Ask and you shall receive. Top menu.
Reply Nr.5 from Glen Charles on 11-7-13 5:03 PM

JT: I looked at some charts from this link. None of the showed the changes that are occurring on the site - the numbers shown are "old news." What would be interesting would be to see the monthly postings by new members over the last six months, say, and whether or not they continued to post - i.e had they been encouraged to stay on? As I said of the 2000 plus members who posted there were 40 names posting in the last 30 days.

Another subject:

What I see intuitively is that a few photographers have changed their approach to the hobby, after they have acquired new hardware - camera and lenses. And some have probably been encouraged to broaden their interests as a result of posted images by others.
It's good to have gifted artists like Sol and others on LI who are inspirational.

The hardware is secondary to the art of photography. Whether we use an Alpha or Leica M is less important than than each of us encourage others with their work. It is heartening to see so much good new work coming from photographers, with presumably modest budgets for photo equipment, as a result of their exposure to the truly gifted photographers at LI.

I wish that there was more exchange of information by them - the translation between languages needs to be easier, that would improve things. How about a Google translator window in a pull down menu?

thanks JT for creating and maintaining LI.

Reply Nr.4 from Leica Images on 11-7-13 3:13 PM

I for one have an A7 on order. Lately I find the Leica bodies to be over priced for their capabilities. I believe based on what I have read that an A7 or A7r will outperform the best of Leica digital cameras. Obviously you need to put the Leica glass on it :) Having said that, I have seen brand new M cameras with stripped rangefinder adjusting screws and scratches. Rumor has it that Leica QA for China and Japan is very high while US and Europe just get a quick glance. Sony, Nikon, Canon or any other maker will have Much better QA than Leica and applied to all markets. My money is going to Sony and use Leica glass. As much as I love their stuff, their price is getting ridiculous and turning into a fashion statement.

have a look here for some stats
Reply Nr.3 from Erik V. Jensen on 11-7-13 9:15 AM

Frankly, I think that many of them have been active here as Leica photographers do not feel it's Leica here anymore. it did not live up to the name leicaimages
Reply Nr.2 from Glen Charles on 11-7-13 9:00 AM

Evje: emnet er omkring det stigende antal fotografer, der bruger ikke-M leica kameraer, og mange, der bruger Nex og Fuji. Skal vi opmuntre disse fotografer til at bidrage til Leicaimages? Også hvorfor tror du vi ser flere billeder fra ikke-Leica kameraer på denne side?
Reply Nr.1 from Erik V. Jensen on 11-7-13 8:49 AM

My biggest problem is aj I have to google my text if I need to write I can read, but used to write therefore

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