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Too Green to sell

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Too Green to sell

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 10-30-13 5:33 AM - Views: 650

By: Glen Charles

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The old Masters seldom painted anything green. It they were painting in the summer, they painted fall colors in the trees, and made the grass more yellow. Why? Because they couldn't sell paintings that had a lot of green in them.

The problem is that green creates negative emotions: think of how you feel when you see: green mold, bile, sour apples, sour pickles, green bananas. And what you think when you hear the expressions: green from sea sickness, green horn, brass corrosion, and so on. So, we already have bad associations for the color green. No one markets food in green packaging, or serves food on a green tablecloth, or puts food on green plates because the customer revolts at the idea.
If you are forced to shoot a scene with a lot of green it, do some post processing and add more yellow and red to the green to make it palatable.
In America we celebrate yellow fields of corn and wheat, rolling prairies of light brown, fields of red poppies, and fields of yellow sunflowers, not dour wet green hills (some people love them - but it's hard to sell them as a destination.)

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Reply Nr.2 from Huss Hardan on 11-14-13 1:36 PM

Very interesting Glenn.

Hmm, I may have to scrap my trip to Ireland.

Reply Nr.1 from Glen Charles on 11-12-13 7:00 AM

In his book "The Photograpers Vision" Michael Freeman has printed more than 100 pictures to illustrate good photography - only one of them has any large area of green field, and the color green hardly appears in any picture.
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