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Change upload limit ?

Change upload limit ?

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Posted: 10-17-13 3:02 AM - Views: 1159

By: Leica Images

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I have received messages and I have seen comments on the upload limit. I will implement what the majority say. So let me explain how it currently works.

At this moment you are allowed to upload x number of pictures per hour. Furthermore the site has logic to keep someone from uploading consecutive photos. This way when you view photos, you don't get pages of photos from one photographer.

If a photographer uploads x photos in an hour and no one else uploads anything, that photographer will not be allowed to upload photos until someone else uploads photos and breaks the chain of consecutive uploads.

Having said that, what would the you as a member like to see?


Reply from Leica Images on 10-29-13 2:12 PM

[quote]waeshael wrote:

I am struggling with the 5 pictures in 24 hours. [/quote]

I knew there would be issues with this. I will bump it to 10 for now until I come up with a remedy.

The system looks to see how many you have uploaded 24 hours prior to your current attempt to upload.
Reply from Glen Charles on 10-29-13 1:45 PM

I am struggling with the 5 pictures in 24 hours. It seems this is a rolling 24 hours, not a daily limit, so I never know quite when I should be working on a picture for the site. Also 5 a day seems a bit stingy for me - I am retired so apart from looking after two dogs, two yachts, three cars and a house, and writing theology; I have a lot of time to do photography experiments especially during the day, and like to write about them. What would help me is that I could add new material if I delete something I have posted - of course I can swap out a picture but it doesn't appear at the head of the line, so new work is buried way down. So how about setting a limit on the total number of postings for each of us, and allowing new material after deleting older, in addition to the 5 a day limit (which seems reasonable to me at the moment.)
Reply from Lilia Binder on 10-23-13 7:17 PM

5 maximum seems logical to me as well.
Thank you for all your efforts, JT. Not easy pleasing everyone but you do a fantastic job at it.
Reply from Charles on 10-22-13 2:51 PM

I second what Jim said, now we are safe to post again, right JT? We won't back out this time right? :)
Suggestion: Post this in LARGE caps front page so all might see and understand CLEARLY.
Reply from Jim Parriott on 10-22-13 1:55 PM

This is great. 5 images a day is perfect and encourages only posting shots that are keepers.
Reply from Leica Images on 10-22-13 1:33 PM

I have implemented a 5 photo upload limit every 24 hours for everyone. If there are issues with this let me know.
Reply from Terry Clair on 10-17-13 11:44 AM

I hate to say it, because I'm guilty, but I would like to see the site limited to Leica branded cameras with a upload limit of 5 a day. There are a lot of great images here from all brands but Leica Images dot com should Leica centric.
Reply from Diane Thies on 10-17-13 10:34 AM

I, too, would favor a limit of 5 per day.
Reply from Leica Images on 10-17-13 10:34 AM

Cast your votes. That will dictate the action taken eventually.
Reply from Charles on 10-17-13 10:21 AM

I completely agree with Gip, no excuse for anyone to upload 20, 30 pictures a day!
In recent weeks, some have uploaded in the hundreds of pictures.
This is suppose to be a site for Quality Images, not quantity! Taken with Real Leica products. 5 max per day per member!!!
Reply from Gip Young on 10-17-13 8:33 AM

I would like a five image daily maximum.
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