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Changes and how to set your prefernces.

Changes and how to set your prefernces.

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Posted: 07-25-13 7:48 PM - Views: 3090

By: Leica Images

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There have been some changes to the layout and usage of the site. Some people love it some people don't. I have listened to quite a few people and have made changes to accommodate their needs. Nothing will please everyone. This is an effort to please most :)

First, people Like Square thumbnails and people like original format thumbnails. Well, in case you did not know, you can choose how to display them.

Select your preference from the drop down menu icon that looks like a gear. See image below. Just select "Square Format" or "Original Format"



Next and Previous Thumbnails have changed when viewing a photo. I like them displayed on the side or on the top.

Again, from the top menu select "Side Thumbnails" or "Top Thumbnails"


Side thumbnails will look like this:


Top thumbnails will look like this:


The Top and Side thumbnails display a group of images that are before and after the photo being viewed. For orientation, the current photo is highlighted in red on the top or side thumbnails so yo can easily identify it.

Where did the Exif data go ?

Just click on the information icon on the top right of the photo. Like shown below:


I want to edit my photo details, add note, assign lenses etc ....

Just click on the Edit Icon near the top right of the photo as shown below.


Here is a nice one. To view a beautiful presentation of some Hall of Fame photos in a slide show, click on the Page title link on the home page. Looks like this depending on the site yo are on:


And it will display a beautiful slide show that looks like this:


I hope this helps you setup your viewing preferences on the site.

As always, please tell others about the site :)



Reply from Diane Thies on 07-26-13 6:35 AM

Once again, JT, you have juggled many different opinions in a most thoughtful manner. Personally, I am thoroughly delighted with the changes - you have made it very easy to view this site through our own particular desires....I don't think any other site is quite this customizable (I'm not sure that's a word).

A huge thank you for all you do to make this site so unique....now I just have to get out my Leica equipment.....

Cheers, Diane
Reply from Sol Marrades on 07-26-13 5:55 AM

Thank you very much for your work!
Change is good and allow you to customize the preferences of each!
Good work!
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