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New Layout and whats new

Category: Updates and How To

Posted: 07-22-13 1:55 PM - Views: 7566

By: Leica Images

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The Home Page and Photo viewing page has changed. Having said that,
when you now look at a photo the EXIF information is visible by clicking on the information icon located on the top right of the photo. Also, if it is your own photo, you will also see an edit icon next to the information icon.

In addition to the change, the photos now display a few previous and next photo thumbnails at the bottom with the current photo in the middle with a red underline. This makes navigation a little easier.

I still need to add a few tidbits here and there but almost done :)

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Reply Nr.3 from Leica Images on 07-23-13 10:15 AM

[quote]jrbelmuda wrote:
Thanks for your efforts JT, only thing is that personally I miss the hall of fame rotating photos which helped me see more of the fantastic photos that the members had posted, seems harder to enjoy them now, what is the now and instant with new postings is great but I think we learn also and are inspired by the recent past. Also I thought it was a huge point of difference with other sites. Just my opinion and I greatly appreciate your efforts and this site for being able to share both ways with everyone here.
Regards John B[/quote]

John, The HOF photos can be seen by just clicking on the page header link "The Leica Camera and lens Photo Gallery" on the home page.
Reply Nr.1 from Gip Young on 07-22-13 3:48 PM

Thanks for your efforts. I like the increased size of the image displayed. Tried to edit f stop on my iPad and could not. Thanks again Gip
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