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Subject: Photography for social change

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Posted: 06-23-13 5:18 AM - Views: 2591

By: Pace Freeman

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Hi everyone, I would just like to ask. Would this be an appropiate place to provide information about a photography project working towards social change?

Or maybe there is a move suitable place?

Kindest of regards,

Pace Freeman
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Reply from Pace Freeman on 07-27-13 12:50 PM

Apologies for the late reply, i have been working on this project to get it off the ground while at the same time trying to earn enough oney to keep a roof over our head :-)

The project website is at

The idea is to merge reportage photography with first person narrative of their life. The work is about the individuals and not the photographer. To allow people the oppertunity to be heard.

Peace, love and truth
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