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Subject: Border editor

Category: Updates and How To

Posted: 04-20-13 2:02 PM - Views: 1131

By: Jt

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Here is a cool feature that can be looked at in different ways.

When you upload photos, on the upload screen you can select to add a black or a white border to all the photos you select in the upload form. Simple enough.

If you have photos already uploaded and you wish to add a border to them, click on the "Show/Hide photo Detail Editor" underneath of the photo. That will expand the editing options.

There you will see these clickable options


Click on the border of your choice. If you change your mind, just click on the link that says "Click to remove border".

Important note. If you click to remove border on a photo with no border, it will shave x number of pixels from your image.

Remember, once the page reloads, you have to refresh the page to see the image.
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Reply from Jt on 04-22-13 10:50 PM

If you want to add borders to all your pictures, send me a PM and I will show you how to do it with once command :)
Reply from Jim Parriott on 04-22-13 5:57 PM

Got it. Thanks.
Reply from Jt on 04-22-13 1:42 PM

Oops. When you are logged in. go to the very top right of the page next to your profile. you will see the link for messages and a few other things.
Reply from Jim Parriott on 04-22-13 9:38 AM

JT - what happened to the PM button? I've been looking for a new location and can't seem to find it.

-- J
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