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Subject: Manipulation of reality through photography

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 04-17-13 11:32 AM - Views: 722

By: Sol Marrades

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Reply from Carlos Goncalves on 04-25-13 4:22 AM

Of course, every time you shoot, your sense of the surrounding reality is instantaneously "interpreted" by constraints of the camera, introduced beforehand by the photographer into the apparatus. Further manipulation always took place in the chemical lab and presently, by digital means. Bresson did not crop by principle, but his photos were processed, when needed improved, in the lab of Pierre Gasmann.
So, in our attempt to envolve the viewer into the moment of reality we had witnessed, further manipulation of the image,(within the limits of good taste), is not only acceptable but desirable as well.
Reply from Sol Marrades on 04-22-13 1:20 AM

Dear friends inhabitants of planet Leica:
According to my opinion, I affirm the following:
The photograph can never be objective –
In century XIX "objectivity" was the line of defense of the photographic discipline.
In the XX century, photographic movement emerges "pictorialist". This movement appears as rebellion of the authors who felt that photography was something more than technique and mechanics.
The controversy about the "objectivity" and the manipulation of the image and the reality has not stopped since.
Even the photographers more "purist" manipulate.
The argument of my assertion is:
The image always presents a difference with respect of reality:
You choose the viewing angle
You choose the distance to the object and the scene.
You choose the frame.
You choose the aperture (choose more or less depth of field in the scene)
You choose the shutter speed.
You choose the sensitivity (ISO)
You choose the "right" to pressing the shutter.
After every election:
Be aware that photography provides an image only "two-dimensional".
Reality is never "two-dimensional"
I am wary of "objectivity" photographic ... even when it comes to "documentalism"
The documentalist isolates the personage to show more effectively the drama of the scene.
Illuminates the area of interest. Darkens the area to give amósfera. He focuses his shot in a face who suffers or in a face which laughs.
The photographer always the notary of reality ... according to their preferences, according to their empirical knowledge and according to his own reality.
Thank you for your kind cooperation.
Good luck in your shots!
Reply from Sol Marrades on 04-18-13 1:24 PM

You know the controversial by Robert Capa "Death of a militia"?

Robert Capa was documentarian:
There are many versions of the legend of this photograph
Is this a scene prepared?
Reply from Sol Marrades on 04-18-13 1:50 AM

I manipulate the images (color) in 95% of occasions. (You have observed)
Honestly ... I do not know.
I think I like to create "other realities". Why? ..
Maybe if there is any psychologist or psychiatrist in "leicaimages" I can explain it better ... :)
I'm not a documentarian. I think I can do it.
But I recognize that when many years should pass, perhaps one of my images, by chance, you take as a document, then ... be a false reality!
The problem is that we never know the transcendence and possible consequences of what we do in the present.
Reply from Glen Charles on 04-17-13 6:59 PM

The question in my mind, is why has someone changed the reality. If it is to influence public opinion - to deceive the public - then this is not right. The photographer should admit the changes that were made.
But if the picture is obviously "art" the observer and the artist collaborate ( a signature on a picture usually identifies it as art - documentary pictures are seldom signed.) The artist manipulates the picture, and the observer does not expect "art" to reflect truth.
Reply from Jt on 04-17-13 1:43 PM

I voted yes because sometimes people pose for me. I would consider that manipulation.
Reply from Sol Marrades on 04-17-13 11:43 AM

Great photographers have manipulated the reality.

They have presented us as instantaneous photography of scenes of the street ... and they were scenes that were previamemente prepared.

Do you manipulate the reality when you photograph?
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