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View images in B&W

View images in B&W

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Posted: 03-26-13 9:33 AM - Views: 1613

By: Leica Images

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Cool new Feature

Have you ever seen a photo in the gallery and wondered what it would look like in B&W? Well, now you can. When viewing a photo on the main photo page, on the right side next to all the blue buttons you will see a "View in B&W". If you click on this button, the image will be displayed in B&W. You can switch back to color by clicking on the "View in Color" button. The good thing is that you can preview the next image in it's color by looking at the thumbnail images on the right side of the page.

The one caveat, is that I am still working on a version to support IE. This works great with Firefox and Chrome.

Keep in mind, in order to respect the photographers art, you can only view images in B&W if the photographer allows his or her images to be viewed in B&W. This option is controlled under your user settings.


Reply from Glen Charles on 03-27-13 12:01 AM

Thanks JT for enabling us to prevent B&W conversion of our beautiful color pictures.
Reply from Leica Images on 03-26-13 11:25 AM


what if I give users the option to say I dont want my images to be seen in B&W. This way you can just check that in your profile and none of your images will be seen in B&W.
Reply from Sol Marrades on 03-26-13 10:48 AM

Hi Jorge,
Sorry, I do not like the option to view the image in b & w.
The author thinks the image in her mind one way. Color or black and white.
I imagine a scene in b & w ... and I offer it to the public in black and white ..
I imagine the scene in color ... and I offer it to the public in color.
The way of processing the image (pp) is different if it is in color or b & w.
The author's work is very different.
Dislike this last change.
Pressing the option b & w ... not a good b & w.
The b & w is automatic, with no control on my part and has no quality of tones or lights.
Personally I have to say that I'd rather not have this option in my images.
Thanks for your work!
Reply from Leica Images on 03-26-13 9:51 AM

I hear you. IE is the most hated browser by developers :)

By the way, the B&W now works with IE. I think you just have to refesh your screen for the saved session or cookie to be read again.
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