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2012 Contest Winner

By Jorge Torralba

[size=14]Thank you all very much for participating in the 2012 photo contest. All entries submitted were exceptional and showed how varied the artistic talent of all photographers can be while adhering to the contest theme.

I am told it was not easy selecting the winner. However, the final say came from Tony Rose. Tony has been in the photo industry for over 40 years and has had a very special relation with Leica cameras. Tony operates which is one of Leica’s top dealers and has provided exceptional customer service. Tony selected the following image as the winner of the 2012 Leica Images Photo contest.

“The balance between the main subject and the candles proved very effective for this photograph. It immediately made me wonder what the girl was doing or thinking. Was it a spiritual moment for her?”

Congratulations are in order for Herman. Better known on as member hepagter.

A great thank you is in order for Tony of for his generosity in sponsoring this year’s contest. I would ask you all to visit prior to your next purchase decision. All members will be offered best pricing possible.[/size]


Reply from Theo Steijaert on 03-5-13 12:33 PM
Herman, my condolences to you and your family.
Reply from Stefan Saskov on 03-5-13 9:27 AM
Reply from Nikki O' Brien on 03-4-13 7:33 AM
Well done Herman - very well deserved (so sorry to hear of your father). You are an amazing photographer with a lot of talent - congratulations!
Reply from Edward Khoo on 03-3-13 6:24 PM
:) Congrats, Herman. Wonderful pix. You deserve it.

In the 'Far east', I got to know more about Karma; and may you always add positiveness to the circle of life.
Reply from Diane Thies on 03-3-13 4:17 PM
Herman, my heart goes out to you on the death of your father - he raised a caring and compassionate son, which makes me think he was the same. Your winning photo has always been one of my favorite of your images, and in its way seems very appropriate as a memorial to your father - to light a candle in tribute.

My best, Diane
Reply from Ninni on 03-3-13 2:59 PM
photography is a passion that unites people in good times and in bad, you're experiencing both at the same time, but I hope that the embrace of all we will be a comfort.
congratulations on the award and for your professionalism.
Reply from Terry Clair on 03-3-13 1:25 PM
Herman I'm am sorry to hear about your Father and I wish you and your family all the best. Congradulations on the contest win it is just one of many great images you have posted.
Reply from Jim Parriott on 03-3-13 1:21 PM
Condolences to you and your family , Herman.

This is a wonderful photo very worthy of the prize.

My best, Jim
Reply from George Michael Lane on 03-3-13 1:05 PM
Herman, sorry to read about your loss. I agree that life can be strange. Perhaps your winning photo is a celebration of your father's life. Congratulations on winning the Leica Images Contest for 2012--your entry is an exquisite image! George
Reply from Steve Mark on 03-3-13 12:54 PM
Herman, firstly, I am very sorry for the loss of your Dear Father. May He Rest In Peace. My sincerest condolences to your entire family.
On a more positive note, I am Thrilled that you won this Herman! It is well deserved & couldn't have happend to a nicer person & a Tremendous Photographer!!! God Bless You My Friend & Heartfelt Congrats!!!! Steve
Reply from Huss Hardan on 03-3-13 12:53 PM
My condolences on the passing of your father Herman.

Congratulations on the picture. A very nice photo that reflects the quality of your body of work.

Kindest regards

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