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Zeiss lenses

Zeiss lenses

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Posted: 01-20-13 11:25 PM - Views: 647

By: Jim Parriott

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A quick bought:

It seems that a lot of people have posted ( not here - but are Googled) that they don't like the bump on Zeiss lenses' focus rings.

I happen to be a big supporter of Zeiss lenses. They're well built, silky smooth, and sharp as hell. I have some Leica lenses and love them all. Old lenses that have character. But the new Leica glass - however well crafted - is simply over priced.

Stop. I'm offending photographers here that I greatly respect. The lenses are amazing and they use their Leica glass very very well. I'm simply defending Zeiss as a worthy competitor.

This is about the people who don't like the bump on the Zeiss focusing ring. Really? Is that a legitimate complaint? How many times have you locked your finger into the focusing tab of Leica glass? My guess is not often. I don't. My finger always seems to be pushing the side of the tab.

I think (and the purpose of this post) is that the Zeiss bump is a huge improvement. It's easy to move on both sides of the bump and provides a clean and clear indication of exactly where your focus is. With a little practice, it's possible to focus before the camera is raised to your eye. And isn't what it's all about? Great images and ease of use?
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