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The Summarit 50mm f 1.5

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The Summarit 50mm f 1.5

Category: lenses

Posted: 08-5-12 12:45 PM - Views: 9434

By: Glen Charles

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Am I the only person who is in love with this lens?

I have Leitz glass from 28mm through 400mm and this little 50mm lens is my favorite. I have posted some pictures here and at RFI. I use the NEX-5 body.

Anyone else have this lens on a digital body?


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Reply Nr.8 from Glen Charles on 11-11-13 6:47 AM

These reviews are from long time Leica
shooter, Mr. Alfred Breull.
1.5/50 Summarit:

The Summarit was introduced in 1949 (M 1954), and is a coated Xenon (1936). It shows it's best performance between f 1.5 and f 4, with an optimum at f 2.8, but you may use it up to f 8 with fine results. It's sharpness is better than from the coll Summicron, if contrasts are not extremely large, and comparable to the 1-st version 2/90 M Summicron at f 2.8. It's out-of-focus rendition is soft to very soft, specially at lower f-stops (up to f 4). As in the Summar or in the rigid chrome Summicron, far out-of-focus light sources are shown as circles, whose outer borders are more bright than the center. The color rendition is a little "flat" (less saturated) in low light conditon, like from the Summitar at f 2.0, and less saturated than from the rigid chrome Summicron. Different, the color rendition is very fine, and almost as good as in the rigid chrome Summicron, when you have a little sun shine in your pictures. It's a very nice lens for 50 mm portraits, also from today's view. It's weak part are very high contrasts at low f-stops (f 1.5 to 2.8). It's a neutral lens with a very slight tendency to "warm".
Reply Nr.7 from Glen Charles on 11-5-13 5:26 AM

Here is a comparison of wide open on the Summarit with f4 picture.
Reply Nr.6 from Glen Charles on 10-26-13 12:23 PM

I have posted an example of how this lens can be used to make nice BW pictures when used wide open.
Reply Nr.5 from Leica Images on 10-26-13 10:50 AM
Reply Nr.4 from Glen Charles on 10-26-13 7:08 AM

If you select the Summarit 50mm f1.5 lens from the lens browser under the Photos pull down, you will be able to get an idea of what this lens will do for your pictures. You will see how the lens can produce a different look than the typical digital lens on your camera. Study the shots and let your eye wander around the frame - look at everything. Then select another 50mm lens ( a modern type,) and compare how you feel about the pictures.

Reply Nr.3 from Chris Frangoulidis on 09-13-13 10:24 AM

If you can, give a try to the Summitar 5cm/f2, coated type. My favourite.
Reply Nr.2 from David Jean Schweitzer on 09-10-13 8:16 PM

I love the lens. It is quite unique in its rendering characteristics.
Reply Nr.1 from Glen Charles on 08-2-13 9:26 AM

If you go to my site (non-commercial, educational photography site) you can see the lens and typical results.
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