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Posted: 04-23-12 4:28 AM - Views: 788

By: Dan

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I joined this site some time ago
what stroke me most was the lack of comments. i am a member in a few other sites and never have i seen such a lack of comments as i see here.
Some can argue and say "I only comment to great pics.
Well my friends i see alot of fantastic pics in this site' so i started commenting but hardley got ant comment back
So i started looking at the pics without commenting accept a few members whom i really like. I actually became part of this annoying site
Guys change your attitude, people need to know that others appreciate their work, that actually is what keeps them going.
To those and bother to comment on my pics i really thank
and i do hope this comment of mine will do some change in this odd site


Reply from Glen Charles on 10-3-12 3:25 AM

Torralba has realized something here that springs from his heart. I think that we all sense this, and it has encouraged people - with their pictures - to show what is in their heart. Perhaps some pictures ought to be quietly appreciated - too personal to become a topic of discussion.

And I agree that it would be helpful to some of us to get comments from viewers.
I assume that the pictures that get the most views indicate appreciation for my work. Pictures I have made that get fewer views give me an idea of what needs improvement - sometimes I just delete them and remember what not to do when I go out shooting the next time. So from this standpoint the site is very useful, even though not all my pictures get comments (though I have already received several pages of comments.)
Some photographers continually produce outstanding work. I feel that one or two appreciative comments by me are all that is necessary - just to add my name to the list of admirers.
Up and coming talent could probably benefit from constructive criticism, but how to do this without a request from the artist for such a comment?

I for one would like to know which of my pictures has meaning for someone. And I think that there is space here for technical discussions on pictures also - so I have started a community for this.

As for the site itself: It is the best by far. Other sites I have contributed to (and some paid subscriptions) have quickly become tiring to use - they have limited search engines, and limited technical data.
Here you can see what equipment people are using to make good pictures. Surprisingly many meaningful pictures, for me, are made on simple cameras. And I can search for pictures made using particular lenses which helps me to understand what works for a particular scene.
So, even though there is no direct feedback on a picture, I am able to learn something about photography from the activity on this site.


Reply from Peter Elgar on 09-21-12 2:34 AM

Yes -- I keep uploading when I have used my LEICA gear but as you say -- I never get any comments either !!
Reply from Leica Images on 09-9-12 6:16 PM

I wish yo guys would spread the word and get others involved. I'm sure it will click eventually :)
Reply from Emilio Maristany on 09-8-12 8:30 PM

Hi Danny,
I've joined this site few days ago, and I absolutely agree with you,...this site will be alive only if all of us, members here, participate in every possible way.
I want to see not only praising comments on the photos, but also some critics, advises, possible improvements,..etc.
We all are here to see, but also to learn, and above all let other express opinions on our photos.
Untill today there is 75 views of your message,...but no comments or reply.
Anyway, this site has a great potential, great artist, and it deserves an opotunity to be even better.
Regards to all.
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