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Changes to Display Modes

Changes to Display Modes

Category: Updates and How To

Posted: 04-20-12 12:09 PM - Views: 907

By: Leica Images

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The way photos are displayed has been changed to enhance browsing.

Please make note of the following changes.

You will Now see a heading above most thumbnail pages with the following options:


Display Mode: Padded - Spaced - Zoom - Details

The selected option will be bold.

What does this do?

Switching between Padded and Spaced changes the layout of the thumbnails.


If you select the Zoom option, when you click on a thumbnail it will be magnified on the page without having to leave the page. Clicking it again shrinks it.


If you select the Details option, when you click on a thumbnail it will be redirect you to the photo page where you can see the photo details and comments if any.


Another feature is the Click for Fit Zoom Mode and the Click for Full Zoom Mode. You see these above the photo in the photo page. If you Choose the Full mode, when you click on the image below it will be magnified to it's actual size. This may require use of scroll bars to see full image.

If you click on the Fit mode, when you click on the images, they will be size within your window.


Reply from Diane Thies on 04-22-12 10:31 AM

Nice additions, JT. Thanks, still and once again, for all your work.

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