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no emails

no emails

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Posted: 02-27-12 7:37 AM - Views: 835

By: Diane Thies

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Hi JT,

I seem to not be receiving emails to let me know when someone comments on one of my photos. I've checked my Settings, and the boxes are ticked for that. A couple of days ago, when I first noticed this, I also looked at my Profile and saw that the Alerts was showing, in red, "subscribe". So I ticked that - it now says "unsubscribe".

Thanks for your help,


Reply from Diane Thies on 02-28-12 9:45 AM

Okay, this morning I received email notifications.....either you have done something surreptitiously, or whatever caused the hiccups seems to have subsided. If you think of something I might be doing incorrectly, let me know.

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