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Please provide feedback about gallery layout

Please provide feedback about gallery layout

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Posted: 12-21-11 5:00 PM - Views: 1881

By: Leica Images

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No rest for the active. In my ongoing quest for continuous improvements, I have redesigned the way the gallery is presented. Don't worry it is still up in the air. Having said that, Please provide some feedback.

Should it stay like the original?


Should it move to the new latout?


Or should I spend time coding to allow the user to select which layout they would rather use?

It's Christmas. Please don't make me code :)

Looking forward to reading your feedback.


I have added the ability to select the one you like. The choice is at the top right side of the standard gallery view. You can switch back and forth as you like. If this works, I will implement the feature in the other gallery pages when I have time.


Reply from Theo Steijaert on 12-22-11 12:04 PM

1e: .
i do prefer the new version because it invites to click and enlarge the picture.
i see the space around the picture as a mat, so the image is isolated from its surroundings.
Reply from Geoff Heaton on 12-22-11 10:47 AM


I like the size of the Icons better, but would prefer the text layout for the photographer and rating to be the same as the original.
The layout and spacing of the original was visually more appealing and more easy for the eye to navigate.
The best option would be to allow the member to select the layout they want and dynamically let the app the app paint the screen based on their profile. In that way you could have as many variations as you like.
Hope that is helpful
Reply from Dan Bachmann on 12-22-11 10:34 AM

I prefer the original
Reply from Alain Guindon on 12-22-11 7:00 AM

I'd have to say I prefer the original, only because of the larger thumbnail size, but both can work for me. Thanks for the great site!!
Reply from Ninni on 12-22-11 5:33 AM

I prefer the new layout because in the first one the photos are too near and not in the same line.
I also think that 30 photos are enough for one page, so they coukd be bigger and that is necessary to limit the numbers of update per day: sometimes you see 10 similar photos at the same time in the same page.
Last thing, the backdrop is better on BLACK.
Thanks for your great job.
Reply from Steve Mark on 12-22-11 4:56 AM

Larger images for a 50 year old's fading eyesight! ;- )
Reply from Gary Pearce on 12-22-11 3:41 AM

I much prefer the old layout. I dislike the ordered feel of the new and as others have said the larger previews work better.
Merry Christmas
Reply from Alfonso De Castro on 12-22-11 2:52 AM

Really I prefer this new gallery layout!! Is more clean, can see better all the photos and surfing is more easy.

Thank you so much for your effort, JT!!

Reply from Frank Spelmans on 12-22-11 1:51 AM


Both are great.
If i have to choose, it would be the new one.

Reply from Peter Elgar on 12-22-11 1:06 AM

Not being an expert on web-sites I find the 'new' gallery layout easier to view.
Reply from Anup Changaroth on 12-22-11 12:57 AM

Prefer the original as well actually.

Good stuff.
Reply from Erik V. Jensen on 12-22-11 12:25 AM

I like the old page, in the new is the picture also to small

Merry Christmas

Reply from David Hawkins on 12-22-11 12:16 AM

I Like the gallery as it is currently. My Magnificztion of image does not work well. Maybe it is the Mac which I am using.

Reply from Leica Images on 12-21-11 11:24 PM


I have added the ability to select the one you like. The choice is at the top right side of the standard gallery view. You can switch back and forth as you like. If this works, I will implement the feature in the other gallery pages when I have time.
Reply from Sol Marrades on 12-21-11 11:07 PM

The current design is perfect!
Thank you very much for your interest in the Leica website!
a greeting
Reply from Mohanraj Dhanagopal on 12-21-11 9:57 PM

I like the old one.

You should also try the new layout without artist names and details, just the image thumbnails on a white background.
Reply from Jacques Weiss on 12-21-11 9:36 PM

i prefer by far the current layout (original): bigger thumbnails, more clarity..
Thank you for all your efforts JT!
Reply from Rana Sinha on 12-21-11 9:10 PM

The original is easier to browse and presents the photos better through the larger thumbnails.

Fantastic job in developing this site, thanks.

A merry Christmas to you!

Reply from Chuck Post on 12-21-11 7:50 PM

I like the original layout although they both look great in their own way. Thanks for all you do to improve this website.
Reply from Donald on 12-21-11 6:07 PM

Like the new layout...fresh, clean and presents well!
Reply from Diane Thies on 12-21-11 6:00 PM

I like the extra space around the images on the proposed new layout, but agree that they seem too small that way. I notice there are 4 rows across on the current layout, but 6 on the new - could the new have just 4, and would that help increase their size, but still allow spacing around them?

So...you have created the best site I have ever seen...and yet you continue to come up with new ideas (and how do you do this!). Have you ever heard of "laurels"....the thing some folks rest on? Oh yeah, maybe those two things (the creating and the resting) don't work together...

It is Christmas. Please don't code :)


Reply from Rick Lade on 12-21-11 5:42 PM

This is a tough call, but I think I prefer the original. I like the larger thumbnails over the smaller ones.

Great job on the site!!!
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