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New Thumbnail proposal

New Thumbnail proposal

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Posted: 10-31-11 10:43 AM - Views: 3753

By: Leica Images

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[size=16]Your Feedback is Needed[/size]

There may be changes coming to the way the thumbnails look. However, I want a good amount of feedback on this before I finalize my decision. I have had both pros and cons but not from enough people. In a nutshell, the thumbnails will be square to maintain uniformity on the pages. This does NOT affect the picture. Only the thumbnail. Furthermore, It is not a random crop of the thumbnail. I have coded some logic to preserve the best aspects ratio and work form there. This has already been done on www.zeissimages.com and has had a pretty nice reception. Have a look for and idea of how it could look here.


Reply from Theo Steijaert on 11-6-11 6:29 AM

please keep the current lay- out!
Reply from Joseph Gilbert on 11-5-11 4:01 PM

I love it! I love the landing page, and I love the thumbs! Nice "Quality" feel!
Reply from Ninni on 11-5-11 3:36 PM

My opinion is that the picture must seem as possible as the original and so this must be applicated to the way the thumbnails look. I also think that it could be useful to limit the number of the uploads per day and expand, if possible, the size of the image uploaded (saving as for web the quality is very low).
You are doing a great job! Thankyou.
Reply from Diane Thies on 11-4-11 10:56 AM

The new "welcome" page is quite nice, JT - clean and simple and easy to see. Makes an attractive opening for someone coming onto the site.

I'm also noticing, today for the first time, the addition of titles on the thumbnails - is this meant to stay? Personally, it makes it less easy for me to view the image of the thumbnail (names of the photographer are not as intrusive, and seem very appropriate). Not that you asked for an opinion on this :)

Reply from Leica Images on 11-2-11 10:54 AM

Thats just it. too much of a mix in different size thumb nails makes the page look awkward. Especially if you have a few verticals in one rown and horizontal in the others. It just looks ugly. I wont change anything on LI until there ais a good amount of feedback one way or the other. I may write some polling software tonight and post the questions then.

Thanks for providing feedback. In the end, the majority will call the shots on this one. I took a dictator approach on the other sites :)
Reply from Diane Thies on 11-2-11 10:50 AM

Whatever you've done to preserve the main parts does help. Still, I continue to prefer seeing the full image in the thumbnail. The photo by "draculro" of the hillside with cypress trees is a good example of how an image changes from its intended format to a square. Is part of your goal to make the thumbnails more of a similar size (I see we have large and small at the moment)? Could that somehow be done without losing the original format?

Reply from Leica Images on 11-1-11 8:29 PM

have a look on www.zeissimages.com and let me know what you think. I have implemented some logic which preserves the main parts.
Reply from Diane Thies on 10-31-11 5:07 PM

My preference is to keep the current layout. It feels much more dynamic than having thumbnails all the same size - there's a liveliness in looking at the leicaimages thumbnails that is missing on the rangefinder site. The images come in a variety of formats/shapes that, in many instances, are an integral part of the photo.

Don't you have to crop the thumbnails in order to make them all the same size, thereby losing some of the image?

Thanks, JT, for your work - and for including our thoughts in your process.

Reply from David Hawkins on 10-31-11 4:58 PM

As a relative newcomer, I quite like it the way it is. It shows off the images in the proportions they are intended.

Reply from Leica Images on 10-31-11 11:53 AM

I am converting www.zeissimages.com as I type now. The good thing is I can always change them back. However, lets see what the response is like on there. I have had both pros and cons on this subject.
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