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Subject: Checkout the new theme "Smoke"

Category: Updates and How To

Posted: 07-10-11 7:44 PM - Views: 3216

By: Jt

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Have a look at the new theme named "Smoke" It really shows well and completes my attempts at reinventing the wheel. I am done with theme designs which is what I do when bored on Sundays. Oh yes, I did make some other changes as well :)
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Reply from Diane Thies on 07-15-11 10:20 AM

I like it JT, but that's no surprise, I suppose, since it's similar to the old one I preferred. I do question, however, that it will be the end of your playing around with the site - that's probably not possible for you! :) Once again, I give you high marks for what you do here....and many thanks.

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