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New layout possible. PLEASE chime in.

New layout possible. PLEASE chime in.

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Posted: 02-11-11 3:07 PM - Views: 3977

By: Leica Images

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I have had a few people ask for a slightly more modern updated look. In response, I have started taking steps to address the requests.

I have copied some data to a test site for playing with the layout. Please let me know if you like the way the thumbnials are presented there better than you do here. Again, the site is a test site and will be deleted shortly.

Here is one www.canonimagegallery.com/standardgallery.php?showall]LINK and Here is one www.canonimagegallery.com/index.php]ANOTHER . If you like, I will make the rest of the pages match and apply changes here.


Reply from Leica Images on 02-16-11 9:04 AM

Do yo mean the number of views and comments? I will provide users a setting fearture that allows them to view the "Views and Comments" as well. This way, if you like it or don't, you can turn off the setting.

Give me a day or two.
Reply from Jacques Weiss on 02-16-11 4:51 AM

Dear JT, i like even more with views and comments!
Reply from Jacques Weiss on 02-15-11 8:54 PM

New layout is excellent JT! Thank you for that!
Reply from Leica Images on 02-14-11 3:48 PM

I think I nailed it! This will be the solution, larger thumbs and no cropping.

[url=http://www.canonimagegallery.com/standardgallery.php?page=2]LOOK HERE[/url]

Reply from Adam Marelli on 02-14-11 5:50 AM

Hey JT,

I like the layout on LFI the best. Its kind of a half breed between the "all square thumbs" and the current layout. I like how the pictures are shown in full, allowing the portrait and landscape shots to exist next to one another.

And they have the artists info at the bottom, the same way this site has the name and views. Not sure how difficult it is to build that style layout.

Reply from Leica Images on 02-12-11 5:40 PM

Diane, thanks for the feedback. The scroll is broken and in test mode. If anything i may put the scroll on the right side and much smaller.

Reply from Diane Thies on 02-12-11 4:25 PM

The new version looks much better, JT. The larger thumbnails are nice (although our current version is reminiscent of the old light table - but my eyes were younger then). Is there a way to decrease the font size on the names included with the thumbnails? I find that distracting.

I'm not so keen on the "magic scroll" with the individual images. Again, a distraction from the photo itself.

So my current vote is split - I'm happy with the current site, but these changes to your potentially-new arrangement are much improved over the first rendition.

Reply from Leica Images on 02-12-11 1:30 PM

I have made the test site not crop and pad with a color. visit again and refresh browser.
Reply from Diane Thies on 02-12-11 10:42 AM

Looks like you have a good response already - and I concur with keeping the site as is.

You have done a tremendous job, JT, and it works very well.

Reply from Leica Images on 02-11-11 8:19 PM

No. No other sites. That was just a domain I played with.

Thanks for the feedback.
Reply from Jeremy Rata on 02-11-11 7:42 PM

Completely support shtarka1's comments about your input JT. You're a legend! One question. Canonimagegallery? Are we about to see the birth of Canon Images? :-) Please God no! My wife thinks I spend far too much time on Leica, Nikon and Rangefinder as it is! :-) More seriously I think it would be great for the many Canon shooters out there. Are the good people at Canon being precious about it?

Reply from Ashwin Rao on 02-11-11 7:18 PM

I would agree that I enjoy the current layout....
Reply from Steve Mark on 02-11-11 6:57 PM

Tend to agree with Jeremy on the Square Format taking away some substance from the landscape format. I therefore shall vote for no change at the moment. The site is Fantastic as is & you deserve a lot of Credit for putting the time in JT!
Reply from Mike on 02-11-11 6:03 PM

Frankly, I am quite satisfied with the current layout. I find the "modern" look a bit contrived and would prefer that the site stay as is for now. Thank you.
Reply from Jeremy Rata on 02-11-11 5:14 PM

I don't really have a problem with the existing format but have no objection to progress. My only observation is that square format for the thumbs is unflattering to Leica's usual landscape or to those that follow the rule of thirds. I know it's a preview but for example the wonderful picture of the little boy busking is lost in that format and I would probably have not even clicked on it had it been portrayed this way.

That's my two penneth!

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