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Posted: 01-8-11 11:04 AM - Views: 1386

By: Leica Images

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Please put your suggestions for site enhancements in this thread. Things you would like to see add or made better. Please don't report bugs here just suggestions.


Reply from Leica Images on 03-25-11 1:08 PM

It will show up within an hour of someone uploading a photo taken with an r8 dmr combo.
Reply from Gary Pinkerton on 03-23-11 9:50 AM

There is a spot in the camera list for R9/DMR, could we have one for R8/DMR ?
Reply from Diane Thies on 01-20-11 7:07 AM

That's perfect, JT! Using the url is likely easier than scrolling through page numbers, so consider my suggestion moot.

Reply from Leica Images on 01-19-11 4:37 PM

I will work on that.

A simple work around is to change the page number in the url like this

Reply from Diane Thies on 01-19-11 12:46 PM

Any way the main gallery could have numbered pages (I guess they would change daily)? Some way to get into the middle of the gallery, without going page by page?

Thank you for all you do on this site - it's quite wonderful.
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