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New feature for viewing privilages

New feature for viewing privilages

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Posted: 01-7-11 10:33 AM - Views: 1343

By: Leica Images

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Here is a new feature that will come in handy.

Sometimes, you set your photos as Hidden so only you can view them. Now you can share your private photos with select members. Or generate a URL that can be shared. It's really easy.

Click on "My Photos" to view your photos. If you have set a photo as Hidden, you will see a padlock icon next to it.


If you click on the padlock, you will be taken to the Edit Photo Privileges page where you can add members or create custom url's that can view the photo.


Just make sure the photoid field has a value and enter either the user name or the user ID of the member you are granting view privileges to. Click submit and you are done.

You can add additional members to a photo by clicking on the plus sign icon.

To revoke privileges, Just click on Remove next to the user or url you want to revoke privileges from.

You can also create a Shared Link. This is a URL address you can give to non members so they can see the private photo. To create a Shared Link, just make sure the photoid field has a value, check the box next to Shared Link and click submit. You will then see Shared Link next to the thumbnail of your picture. Just click on that link to save the URL that pops up so you can share it with your friends.

You can go directly to the the Edit Photo Privileges page by selecting it from the Tools menu option on the top menu bar.

You can see all the photos you are privied to by going to the Tools menu option or the Galleries menu option.
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