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Posted: 12-30-10 11:15 AM - Views: 2501

By: Leica Images

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Please report in this thread, any bugs you encounter.

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Reply Nr.16 from Leica Images on 07-31-16 1:35 PM

I have replied in email to your question. Let me know if you make any progress.
Reply Nr.15 from J. E. Sanchez on 07-30-16 12:05 PM

My home page is stuck on 07-28-16 3:18PM it will not move at all. I have reset the computer and try 3 different browser with no success. I clear history and cookies on all browser with the same results. Any suggestions on what to do or what is causing the problem?

Jose E.
Reply Nr.14 from Leica Images on 01-31-11 9:03 AM

These instructions are a little dated but do give you the basics for editing photo details. Have a look here: [url]http://leicaimages.com/showreplies.php?qid=756[/url]
Reply Nr.13 from Sol Marrades on 01-31-11 4:48 AM

Is solved.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Reply Nr.12 from Sol Marrades on 01-31-11 4:44 AM

When I edit a photograph will not let me put the title and also allows me to change the collection. These options have disappeared from my page.
Reply Nr.11 from Leica Images on 01-26-11 9:32 AM

No worries Diane. Just keep sending your bug reports and suggestions so it can be made even better.
Reply Nr.10 from Diane Thies on 01-26-11 7:47 AM


Thanks ever so much for the thorough explanation - and I apologize for giving you extra work to figure out that I simply wasn't understanding the process. I am amazed at the complexity of programming, and greatly admire how nicely put-together this site is.

Again, many thanks for all the effort you put in, which results in a very pleasant experience for all of us.

Reply Nr.9 from Leica Images on 01-25-11 10:12 PM


It is working just as you described and it was designed that way. Here is what is going on.

When you click on the gallery from the top menu, you are presented with all images and you can go page by page. The images are selected newest to oldest.

When you view Sol's gallery or any other persons gallery by clicking on the "Sol's Gallery" link on the main photo page, you have then set a session variable that say lets show only Sol's pictures. This session information is saved so when you browse next or previous photo or next or last page of thumbnails, you are presented with only pictures of Sol's gallery.

Clicking on the back button does not removes the session variable. Thus the site thinkks you are still interested in Sol's pictures.

As you are browsing sol's individual pictures with the left or right arrow you will only see sol's photos. If you look at the right side of the photo page right underneath of the "Sol's gallery" link, you will see a red link that says "Clear user filter and see more". Clicking on that link will remove the session variable for "Sol's Gallery" and the next time you click left or right arrow, you will see the next photo based on photoid which could be Sol's or someone else's. The same logic is applied when you click on any of the links on the right side of the main photo such as camera, model, focal length, etc .... You will then see the clear filter link.

If you click on the gallery link ffrom the main menu, it removes all filters that may be set.

Hope that clears thing sup a little.
Reply Nr.8 from Diane Thies on 01-25-11 4:40 PM

I was able to repeat the problem today. Sequence with no problem:
1 - open main Gallery, and click on an individual image, then hit back button (on my mouse) and return to main Gallery.
No problem here, but..... next sequence has trouble:
1 - open main Gallery, and click on an individual image, e.g. one of Sol's
2 - when Sol's single image is on screen, click on "sol's gallery" line on that screen in order to see all of her work,
3 - sol's gallery shows up on screen (all fine so far)
4 - return to main Gallery by clicking "back" button, which takes me to Sol's single image, then back button to
main Gallery,
5 - click on "Page 2" at bottom of screen of main Gallery, but instead of taking me to the next page of main Gallery, it
takes me back to Sol's whole gallery. (I can, however, resume clicking on individual images without problems -
but can go no further)

My work around is to always open whatever image I want to see in a new tab, thereby not disturbing the main Gallery page. I've had no trouble with other places where I use my back button on my computer, but this sequence of going forward then backward is unique to this website.

Reply Nr.7 from Leica Images on 01-25-11 3:25 PM

This should be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up.
Reply Nr.6 from Sol Marrades on 01-25-11 11:43 AM

Accepted photo-montages of two photos taken with Leica for the contest?
Reply Nr.5 from Leica Images on 01-24-11 8:50 PM


I know there are things that need addressing on the site and I will get to them sooner than later. However, the issue you describe I have never encountered. Can you please provide step by step how you encounter the problem. I tried your description above many times and have yet to see experience what you are seeing.
Reply Nr.4 from Diane Thies on 01-24-11 4:57 PM

I'm having sporadic trouble with returning to a page (say New Photos) after clicking on to see a specific photo. Doesn't happen all the time, but enough to be a bother. Since I haven't seen any other issues like this in the forum, perhaps it's my computer (groan), but wanted to give you a heads-up (hoping you can magically fix it).
Reply Nr.3 from Jacques Weiss on 01-8-11 3:54 AM

Very strange because in can take me up to 1 minute to open a page, wether i use Firefox or Safari browsers...
Reply Nr.2 from Leica Images on 01-6-11 11:58 AM


I have not experienced any issues with load times. I have access from three different networks including mobile and all seems good.
Reply Nr.1 from Jacques Weiss on 01-6-11 11:51 AM

Dear JT, since a couple of days i have serious problems to connect to the site. Is it me or the server?
king regards
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