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Some 'Characters' not allowed

Some 'Characters' not allowed

Category: Updates and How To

Posted: 12-28-10 3:05 AM - Views: 887

By: Peter Elgar

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I type out LOTS of information to make my photos interesting and then when I come finally to finish a thing comes up which says like some 'characters' are not allowed and all the typed info has GONE and I have to do it all over again !! How do we know which things are allowed and not allowed , such as a ! or a --- or " for example ?


Reply from Peter Elgar on 01-1-11 4:23 AM

Thanks-- do I need an 'Enigma Machine' to interpret the 'new code' ??
Reply from Jt on 12-31-10 10:23 AM

This should be fixed now with the new code roll out.
Reply from Peter Elgar on 12-30-10 11:06 AM

Hurry up then please as it's happened again just now !
Reply from Jt on 12-28-10 2:50 PM

Please hang in there. I am rewriting that function and a solution with many more characters allowed will be implemented. It is mainly for security reasons.
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