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Shutter fault - M9

Shutter fault - M9

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Posted: 12-19-10 3:10 AM - Views: 3014

By: Erik Vinther Andersen

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Has anybody experienced an "Attention Shutter fault" message on their Leica M9? I did so after two months of use.


Reply from Pete on 12-31-10 5:49 PM


This was a fairly common problem with the M8 prior to the latest firmware release (2.005) and was usually occurred when the M8 was used in Discrete mode (where the shutter won't re-cock until the finger lets the shutter release back up) with Continuous shooting.

It's sort of understandable because the shooter is telling the camera to keep shooting until they take their finger off the button but also telling the camera not to re-cock the shutter until they take their finger off the button. Both things can't happen so the poor camera gets a little confused and decides that since it can't re-cock the shutter then there must be a shutter fault.

Mostly this can be rectified by removing the battery and putting it back in.

Reply from Alfonso De Castro on 12-30-10 10:13 AM

I have sometimes the "Shutter fault". Not all time, just seldom but it happen.

The problem is Jan.10 I will travel to China for one month and all this days are crazy because Christmas, so I have not time to send my camera yet. Tomorrow I will call the dealer and we will see but anyway I need take my camera with me this travel, because I have sell my (ex-) M8 and I don't want carry films this time!.
Anyway, if I forget this problem, the camera is really great!!
Reply from Erik Vinther Andersen on 12-29-10 7:38 AM

Due to christmas i was only able to return my camera to the dealer (MIMOSA in Aarhus Denmark) to day.
The camera will be sent to Germany for repair (as I was told: by the very man who assembled it).
The camera is expected to be returned within two to three weeks.
The shop owner even offered to lend me his personal M9 until my camera was back.
What a service! But I decided to stick to my Nikon for the time being.
Thanks for responses to my post.
ALFONDC: What happened to your broken Leica?

Erik VA
Reply from Alfonso De Castro on 12-26-10 7:26 AM

Hi! Me too I have message!!
My camera is less than one month new!!!
Reply from Philip Chan on 12-20-10 9:15 AM

Nope hopefully will never happen on my M9--what did your Leica dealer say about this message. Thanks,

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