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Latest features

Latest features

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Posted: 12-18-10 8:46 AM - Views: 731

By: Leica Images

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Some nifty enhancements have just been added to the site. I really think you will like these.

Lets start with the first one which is simple and straight forward.

On the home page, right underneath of the Featured Photo section is the home page gallery. By default, this gallery displays the latest photos from the gallery. Sounds simple enough. Well, here is the cool part :) Next to the title "Latest Photos from the Gallery" you will see a small icon. Clicking on this icon changes your home page gallery from "Latest Photos from the Gallery" to "Photo categories" which shows a random picture from each category as the category image. Clicking on one of those images will bring up a gallery of images from the selected category. You can click on the same icon again to switch back and forth between "Photo Categories" and "Latest Photos from the Gallery". By the way, this is a cookie that is set so you don't have to change it every time you come back.

Other changes include a Cleaner looking gallery with some enhance features.

When you click on certain links, they will bring up a gallery page with images that match the link you clicked. For example, clicking on a username, category, lens type etc .. will bring up a gallery of what you just clicked on. On the title bar of the gallery will be a link for clearing the filter and showing you all the images. In addition to the link, you will see an icon for a slide show. Clicking on the slide show icon will show you a slide show of all the images in the current gallery view.

Viewing photos has been enhanced as well. If you are viewing a photo on the main photo page (showphoto.php) , clicking on the username, camera, model, focal length, aperture, film, lens used or category will take you to a gallery view as described above that shows photos based on what you clicked on. When you then click on a thumb nail from the gallery view, you will go back to the photo page. Browsing pictures with the left and right buttons above the photo now only show you pictures that match what you clicked on. In order to browse beyond the limits of what you just clicked on, simply click on the red text "Clear ...... to See More" This text is typically under the value you clicked on. Doing so will remove the filter and allow you to browse all photos.
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