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Category: News

Posted: 12-2-10 1:06 PM - Views: 1262

By: Jt

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[color=red][size=18]ADAM MARELLI PHOTO[/size][/color]


Introducing a site dedicated to the future of traveling with a Leica. On the road, in a plane, and around the world, Adam Marelli Photo tests Leica gear, in the field, and brings back the stories behind the pictures. Along with Adam’s travels, are interviews with world renowned photographers who share a love of exploration and a glimpse into their points of view. When Adam is back in New York City, his articles cover cutting edge photography shows and resources to enhance your photographic experiences.

Check it out at [url]http://www.adammarelliphoto.com
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Reply from Zach on 12-17-10 4:48 PM

Great site. I'm so close to pulling the trigger on a M9 its not even funny. Just need to get through the holidays (I think its a little tacky getting one's self a major personal gift during the Christmas season)......
Reply from Jt on 12-7-10 1:18 PM


Forgot to put http in there so it defaults to LI url first.
Reply from Douglas Miles on 12-3-10 1:44 PM

JT, your link got attached to this forum's URL... http://www.leicaimages.com/www.adammarelliphoto.com

Marelli's is an interesting site; thanks!
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