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Subject: how to update or change a photo?

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 11-20-10 1:28 PM

By: Dierk

I have seen an update function before, but can't find it any more?
(I have to replace a photo with a mistake on it)

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Reply from Dierk on 11-22-10 7:09 AM

thanks JT.
again: great functions and 'best service in the photo web' :)
Reply from Jt on 11-21-10 4:20 PM


Both versions should be changed. You just need to refresh the browser. Since the replacement uses the same filename, the original image is cached.

I will look into the counter issue.
Reply from Dierk on 11-21-10 6:38 AM

thanks, JT
sorry, I did not understand, that this edit icon means the photo.

I did the update and noticed, that the view counter is reset to zero?
and I noticed, that only the big original version was changed, not the smaller versions?
thanks for any help
and regards

great site, functions and programming!
Reply from Jt on 11-20-10 5:19 PM

Make sure you are logged in. View the photo you want to edit by clicking on the thumbnail or going directly to the page if you know it. If you are logged in, on the right side of the page below the photo info, you will see an edit icon that looks like this: [img][/img] If you click on that icon, you will see the edit options. Click on it again to hide the edit options.
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