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Great feature for film users

Great feature for film users

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Posted: 11-17-10 11:15 AM - Views: 907

By: Jt

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Long overdue, the ability to add film type to the exif information has been added.

Not only can you add what film you used, but when you see a photo with film info, click on the film type to see photos taken with that film type. Also, searching by film type has been added to the search/advanced gallery pages.

Next big update coming soon. The ability to edit exif data for more than 1 photo at a time.


Reply from Jt on 12-19-10 8:05 PM

Glad you like it :) Hopefully we can build a big library of different pictures with different films.
Reply from Adam Marelli on 12-19-10 4:24 AM


This is a great additional feature for people who are interested in trying new films. I used to scour Flickr for Provia and Velvia to compare the differences. Once Kodak came out with its Ektar film, I wanted to see some results from real photographers, not just by Kodak.

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