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How to edit photo data and details

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How to edit photo data and details

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Posted: 11-15-10 9:05 PM - Views: 1660

By: Leica Images

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To edit your photo details follow these instructions.

1. Make sure you are logged in.
2. View the full photo and not the thumbnail.
3. Click on the Edit Icon http://leicaimages.com/images/edit.gif
4. Make your changes then click apply.

To hide the edit options, just click on the edit icon again.

You can also edit multiple photos at once by clicking on the batch edit option from the Tools Menu. This allows you to apply the same settings to multiple photos.


Remember these simple tips and requirements. To assign the photo to more than one collection,
hold the Ctrl key OR Command key while you click on the different collection names.

If the photo has exposure information, both Seconds and Fraction fields are pre-populated.
However, To save your exif data, you must only populate one of the exposure fields. Don’t worry.
The values are calculated for you.

The red asterisks [color=red]*[/color indicates the values you enter must be numeric.

To hide the edit forms, just click on the edit icon again.
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