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Subject: M8 vs M8.2

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 11-5-10 4:53 PM - Views: 1503

By: Havard

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Whats the difference between these two cameras
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Reply from Ian on 11-7-10 3:36 AM

I have the M8.2 (well it is currently at Leica having the "Coffee stain" syndrome resolved).
I purchased the M8.2 as I wanted the harder sapphire crystal LCD because I carry my camera round my neck a lot and the LCD comes into contact with metal zips etc, my old Canon and current Nikon both suffer from "Zip scratches" but the M8.2 remained in pristine condition.

The delayed shutter recocking action on the M8.2 also helps in street work even though the shutter is very quiet - the reduction of shutter speed from 1/8000 to 1/4000 does not bother me so all in all I am pleased I have the M8.2 over the M8 but purely for LCD reasons.
Reply from Havard on 11-6-10 4:14 PM


Reply from Jt on 11-6-10 10:27 AM

This article breaks it down and details some f the major differences.

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