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Subject: Your feedback

Category: Suggestions & Bug Reports

Posted: 11-1-10 2:34 PM - Views: 2637

By: Jt

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I would like to read what you think about the site. What you like, don't like, how to make it better etc ...
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Reply from Enrico Pocopagni on 01-25-12 11:33 AM

Hello all,
I am a newcomer. Many thanks to Torralba for this beautiful site and for the opportunity to share good pictures among each other.

Reply from Diane Thies on 09-4-11 1:30 PM

Yes, JT, the notification problem has been resolved. I thought I had emailed you (maybe privately?), and apologize if that was all in my imagination. You do an incredible job on this site - again, my heartfelt thanks.

Reply from Jt on 09-4-11 10:52 AM

I believe this has been resolved. Thanks for letting me know of the problem.
Reply from Jt on 08-23-11 11:49 AM

still working this :(
Reply from Diane Thies on 08-23-11 10:10 AM

No notifications, JT - including spam folder.

Reply from Jt on 08-23-11 9:14 AM

Have you received any notifications yet? Check your spam folder.
Reply from Diane Thies on 08-22-11 7:44 AM

Hi JT,

I am no longer receiving an email notice when someone I'm following posts new images, nor when someone commments on my images. I checked my info, and the box is still ticked for receiving these. Help?

Reply from Jt on 08-18-11 3:31 PM

I only just recently put up Random Collection. If you want to see random gallery click on

Latest Photos [b]Switch to Category/Random view[/b] Page 1 of 940 Next Last - Complete Gallery

which is on the title bar of th eimages on the home page.
Reply from Jacques Weiss on 08-18-11 1:53 PM

Random Gallery is gone?
Reply from Diane Thies on 08-13-11 12:00 PM

JT, you just keep doing these nifty things on the site. I like the new look - bigger "thumbnails" are always welcome. You have made leicaimages one of the easiest, nicest looking, sites I use. Thank you, thank you.

Reply from Jacques Weiss on 08-13-11 3:21 AM

The new layout is fantastic JT! Thank you for giving us this great site!
Reply from Sol Marrades on 08-5-11 9:33 AM

The site is great ... and also photographers. Receive my congratulations, you do a great job for us all! :)
Reply from Jt on 07-30-11 8:42 PM

What data? I am currently looking at recently added pictures and the ex if data is there.
Reply from Jt on 06-19-11 11:27 AM

Tools -> My Setting

Type your password twice and submit.
Reply from Diane Thies on 05-17-11 3:12 PM

You are an amazing webmaster, or whatever your title should be (webwizard, honorable webster, astounding leader of the sight/site)! I do appreciate having Dark Night available, as it's easier on my eyes (I prefer darker background to lighter for images), but if it's going to make life more complicated, I promise not to jump up and down in a tizzy fit if you just offer black or white.

Reply from Jt on 05-17-11 2:54 PM

Yes, I simplified things a bit and narrowed the selections to just black or white. I just added the dark night for you :)
Reply from Diane Thies on 05-16-11 4:53 PM

I've been away for a bit, and now the color theme settings seem to be different. Maybe I'm missing something, but it appears that we now only have two choices - white or black - and the Dark Night is no longer?

I'm currently a tad disoriented from just arriving home, so I apologize if I'm missing something rather obvious.

Reply from Jt on 05-16-11 1:23 PM

I have implemented the ability to turn rating on or off. It is under the setting page.
Reply from Ken Davis on 05-7-11 1:18 PM

I like the way it works in the same way as the Leica site.
Reply from Diane Thies on 04-22-11 7:49 PM

Personally, I would be very sorry to see a rating system on this site. Viewing images is extremely subjective, and varies considerably from person to person. At the moment, there seems to be a good community feel to our process - if you are moved to make a comment, you do so - and even that doesn't mean that the photos on which you do not comment are any less interesting/good/highly rated.

We don't need to be in competition with one another. This has been a wonderful place to share work - I hope it can stay that way.

Reply from Jt on 04-2-11 9:33 AM


Merci d'être un membre. Il est difficile de contrôler toutes les photos. J'ai besoin de toute l'aide que je peux obtenir. C'est pourquoi j'ai ajouté la possibilité de signaler une photo.

Si vous désapprouvez d'une photo, appuyez simplement sur "REPORT"

La photo sera invisible à tous qu'après avoir été approuvés à nouveau.

Je vous remercie.


All, if you see a photo that does not meet the requirements to be on leicaimages.com simply click on the REPORT link. Use this if the photo is inappropriate or if it is taken without any leica equipment at all.


Reply from Jean-bernard Bertrand on 04-1-11 10:54 PM

Bonjour Torralba, et bonjour à vous tous, je suis scandaliser de voir un nouveau menbre qui ce permet de faire montrer ces photos avec un boitier canon sur le site de Leicaimages c' est un scandale de voir cela , si cela continu j' arrete de m' incrire chez vous . Jusqu' à maintenant
j' étais enchanter de votre site, et maintenant vous vous permettez de prendre n' importe quel
individu (f1,9) si cela continu ça va être la pagaille . Jean-Ber52
Reply from Jt on 02-20-11 8:58 AM

It is there now.
Reply from Peter Arbib on 02-18-11 6:36 PM

Can you ad the CV 28mm f/1.9 ASPH Ultron to the lenses please?
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