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Leica M8.2 - LCD "Coffee stain"

Leica M8.2 - LCD "Coffee stain"

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Posted: 10-26-10 12:12 PM - Views: 3619

By: Ian

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I purchased my M8.2 in May 09 and it has performed flawlessly since new.

Recently, I started to notice a "Coffee stain" appearing on the LCD when viewing images with a lot of sky / light areas, to confirm it was not my imagination I deliberately shot a few sky images to check and yes - the coffee stain was evident.

This is apparently due to the Sapphire Crystal screen starting to separate from the LCD and is not uncommon.

I contacted Leica and they have advised me to return the camera to the original camera shop who will return it to Germany via Leica UK for a "fix".

I am just hoping that unlike previous owners, my fix will be timely and permanent as I do not want to be without the camera for too long and there have been some nightmare cases of owners waiting months to have their camera's returned only to find the issue was still present.

Pleeeeeeeease let them get it right first time and under a month!


Reply from Ian on 10-26-10 3:20 PM

Thanks JT.

I will keep the forum posted on progress / results.
Reply from Leica Images on 10-26-10 2:12 PM

Well, look at it on the bright side. Leica is currently focused mainly on digital camera production which means chance are they will probably get to it sooner rather than later. Keeping fingers crossed for you :)
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