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replacing/deleting/editing photos

replacing/deleting/editing photos

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Posted: 10-25-10 11:42 PM - Views: 713

By: Seth

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Hi - I just posted a photo however it needs to be rotated. Can that be done on this site? or do I have to do it to the original and re-post?
In an attempt to get rid of it I tried the "replace the photo" function. But that function did not seem to work. The first photo remained in my gallery and was not replaced by the other I had selected. Is this a bug? I accept that it could easily be me!


Reply from Leica Images on 10-26-10 7:35 AM

Yea. You have to refresh your browser :) Believe me, I tested this many times because I was seeing the same thing you were.

Good I dea on rotating photos. I will implement that this week sometime.
Reply from Seth on 10-25-10 11:44 PM

Uh oh! Cancel all of that. My replacement photo is now in the gallery. All is well.
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