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Posted: 10-6-10 9:53 AM - Views: 3818

By: Leica Images

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Well, it's time to list the features that make ZeissImages.com different than other hosting sites. So, here are just a few of the features available to the photographer browsing the site.

[color=red]New feature just added on Nov 9th, 2011[/color]

The ability to remove photo comments which may be found to be offensive or inappropriate. These get put in a queue for moderator review.

[color=red]New feature just added on Nov 27th, 2011[/color]

Members can now create Communities which are like virtual groups or clubs. Members can create a community and others can join the communities and stay informed.

[*]Gallery - Upload your photos to the gallery.
[*]Collections - Create endless collections and assign the same photo to various collections.
[*]Multiple Photo Assigns - Once a collection is created, assign a photo to an existing collection with the click of a mouse button.
[*]Remember Photos - Keep track of photo you like. No more forgetting where you saw that photo.
[*]Private Photos - Set your photos as private.
[*]Lens Specifics - Set which specific lens you used to take the photograph. The selection includes most Zeiss lenses and continues to grow as needed.
[*]Quick Set - Once you set a specific lens for your photo, you can set the lens for your next photos from a list of lenses you have previously used. This minimizes the number of lenses to select from.
[*]EXIF Editing - If your photo was scanned or no EXIF data is in the file, you can set and customize the EXIF data for the uploaded file.
[*]Advanced Search - You can search for photos from a drop list of search options. These include searching by Specific Focal length, Actual Lens used, When photo was uploaded, Actual camera used and by the photographer who took the photo.
[*]Guaranteed Results - The list of search options ensures you get results. If it is in the Drop list, there is a photo to match it.
[*]EXIF Search - You can search for photos by clicking on EXIF data. Doing so will show you photos with the same EXIF data.
[*]Additional Search - You can even search by the aperture used.
[*]Search Filters - Removable search filter to modify your search without starting from scratch.
[*]MTF Data - View MTF data for a lens. When you view a photograph, the EXIF data will show the specific lens used. To the right of that lens description is an icon representing a pdf file. Clicking on this icon will display the MTF data sheet for that lens.
[*]Quick MTF - View MTF data for lens by selecting it from a list of available MTF charts.
[*]Daily Comments - Keep up to date with a quick link to Today's Comments. This displays all comments within the past 24 hours.
[*]Daily Photos - Keep up to date with a quick link to Today's Photos. This will show you photos posted within the past 24 hours.
[*]Follow the photographer - If you want to be kept up to date when a specific photographer uploads new photos simply add that photographer to the "My Following List". You will then receive email notifications when the photographer uploads new photos.
[*]Personal Home Page - allows you to see everything relevant to to you. From your personal home page you can see Your latest uploads, your latest photos that have been commented on, Your personal date, your bio, the photographers you are following, the photographers that are following you, your private messages, A quick Search option and much more ...
[*]Market - A free Market place for selling your gear.
[*]Advanced Market Search - Search the Market by category, country, city, seller and more.
[*]Discussions - A mini forum to discuss topics relevant to the site. Designed to be specific and keep the focus on the main topic of Photos.
[*]Slideshow - View a slide show. Whenever you see the Silde Show icon, clicking on it will present you with a slide show. This may be for a specific photographer, today's photos, category or collection.
[*]Member List - Detailed member photographer list shows you where the photographer is from, allows you to follow the photographer from the list, jump to the photographers gallery and more.
[*]Comment Notifications - If someone comments on your photo, you will receive email notification.
[*]Private Messaging - Enhanced private messaging allows you to invite other members to join an existing private message.
[*]Private Photo Sharing - Add members or give custom URL's to non members so they can see your private photos.
[*]Comment Respond - Respond privately to anyone leaving a comment about your photographs.
[*]Site Translation - Translate the site into one of many different languages with the direct interface to Google Translations.
[*]Your Username points to your Gallery - You can just add your username to the sites URL and be taken to your gallery. http://www.LeicaImages.com/username.
[*]Customize The Home Page - Choose between Random Photos or Latest Photos as your home page gallery. Just click on the http://www.leicaimages.com/images/icons/gallery.gif icon.
[*]Batch Edit - Select many photos from your gallery and edit them all together.
[*]Film Assignment - Now you can assign what film was used for your photograph and have it become searchable by Film Type.

[size=14]Best if Viewed with Firefox or Safari[/size]
There are many features and visuals on this site that are best viewed with firefox or safari. Microsoft Internet Explorer is not 100% compliant with W3 standard and does not provide the full features on this site. You can always download firefox from [url]http://www.mozilla.org

This list will continue to grow so keep visiting and enjoy what LeicaImages has to offer.

Replies ...

Reply Nr.3 from Leica Images on 11-27-11 1:40 PM

Feature list updated.
Reply Nr.2 from Leica Images on 11-9-11 10:04 AM

[b][i]New feature just added on Nov 9th, 2011

The ability to remove photo comments which may be found to be offensive or inappropriate. These get put in a queue for moderator review.[/i][/b]
Reply Nr.1 from Leica Images on 01-9-11 9:00 PM

The feature list has just been expanded :)
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