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How to edit your EXIF data

How to edit your EXIF data

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Posted: 10-3-10 2:59 PM - Views: 2439

By: Jt

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If you upload a photograph that does not have any EXIF data you have the option to edit the the data yourself.

Remember, you can only do this if the original upload had no EXIF data in the file. Here is how.

View your photo.

If the photo has no EXIF data, you will see an EDIT ICON next to the header title called EXIF Data. See image below.


Clicking on the Edit Icon will open up the EXIF Edit window. See image below.


The [color=red]*[/color] indicates that the value you enter must be NUMERIC. This applies to Focal Length, Aperture, Exposure and ISO.

Make your changes and click on the Apply Exif Updates button.

You will then be redirected to your photo with the new data displaying. See below.


Please report any bugs.


Reply from Jt on 10-27-10 9:50 AM

Ok. this has been resolved. I have enabled all photos uploads to have their exif data modified. I have also made it so you can edit previously uploaded photos as well.
Reply from Dierk on 10-26-10 2:12 PM

thanks for the replys and sorry to let you wait (I thought to get an email)
here is a picture with f/0.95

thanks for the service :-)
Reply from Jt on 10-25-10 3:43 PM

Please send me a link to an example image you would need to edit.
Reply from Jt on 10-25-10 2:47 PM

I will make it so you can correct it. Give me a few minutes :)
Reply from Dierk on 10-25-10 12:17 PM

my photos have an EXIF, so I don't get the describe edit tag.
As on Leica M8 and M9 the f-stop is just a guess from the firmware, it is wrong in many cases. I never got it right at f/0.95.
How can I correct it in that case?
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