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Search Filters

Search Filters

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Posted: 10-2-10 9:36 PM - Views: 1431

By: Jt

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Now this is another cool feature from LI.

Lets show an example from ZeissImages.

Say you want to see pictures taken with a 135mm on a DSLR-A850 and shot at f2. Simply Select the aperture from the list of all apertures currently stored in the database and you have your results like so....


Then you want to see the same set of pictures but at f2.2

Without having to do another search, just select the aperture from the list like so...


And your results are refreshed Like so ...


Or lets just say you want to see al the pictures taken with a ZE 21mm at f5.6

Voila ...


To remove search criteria, just click on the filter icon.


Reply from Jt on 10-22-10 2:41 PM

Please note the the filter icon has been replace with a red [img]http://www.leicaimages.com/images/delete16x16.png[/img]
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