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Adding noise to the picture makes it appear sharper

Adding noise to the picture makes it appear sharper

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Posted: 08-1-17 4:41 PM - Views: 1293

By: Glen Charles

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Most editors allow you to add noise to an image. A small amount, say 10%, actually fools the ye into thinking the picture is sharper.

In this day and age when you shrink down a picture to web size, a lot of the detail disappears. The ALgorithms that do the scaling tend to make the picture softer. Adding sharpness before posting the picture doesn't do much for the structural details of foliage, flowers etc. It just makes edges, and straight objects appear sharper.
SO, the way to get back some apparent sharpness in the foliage/flowers is to add some noise. The eye is all the time scanning the picture for sharp transitions in order to place thing spatially in the scene and the added noise provides the brain with a sense of the space, and confirmation that the object is not in motion - which a smooth surface indicates i.e the brain thinks that objects with no change of luminance on their surface (grayness level) are actually blurred due to motion blurring.

Try it and see what I mean.


Reply from A N on 09-21-17 9:12 PM

Very interesting. I will try it. Thx for the advice.
Reply from Gip Young on 08-9-17 4:15 AM

Would increasing structure setting also give the same effect?
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