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Canon G1 and RAW

By Glen Charles

If any of you have an older Canon G1 from the year 2000, I have found that I can shoot RAW and demosaic with Graphic Convert 9. Conversion is very quick. I use the default settings except I choose to use the camera WB. I save to A TIFF and then edit and save as JPEG for the WEB.

Nice to know that you can still unbutton those old RAW (CRW) files. I think iPhoto can also unbutton the CRW file but haven't tried it. Anyone have any info on this?

I posted a flower picture today showing what the G1 can capture with its CMYG filter array. The G1 is really good for fall colors - it captures twice the spectrum of an RGBG filtered camera.

The G1 sold for the equivalent of $1600 when introduced. Now you can find one in mint condition for less than $50.

P.S. I found an old copy of RAW converter 2.0.2 for OS9. The conversion was much better using this software. Posted an updated picture and deleted the old one.

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