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Do images look too small on your display?

Do images look too small on your display?

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Posted: 07-31-16 3:00 PM - Views: 1099

By: Jt

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With higher resolution monitors and higher pixel density, web pages and images start to look smaller. If you have a 4k or 5k monitor, you might as well be looking at a postage stamp. However some apps and browser try to scale up and results are less than optimal. You can now enlarge your viewing experience on this site by selecting a larger screen width from the Settings menu on the top bar. This will make things a lot more pleasant to look at.

Remember to reset your browser to 100% view if you go with the larger screen width options.


Reply from Glen Charles on 08-5-16 3:48 PM

Yes, I see what you mean. I have a 4K monitor that has 7 MP display. I guess we will have to start posting bigger pictures. DO you have a limit on size?
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