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iPad Pro and photography

iPad Pro and photography

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Posted: 02-9-16 10:22 AM - Views: 760

By: Glen Charles

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I got this iPad Pro and Pencil for my b'day last week. It cost around $1200 with 128GB of memory, and I was hoping I could use that Pencil to do some photo editing - it can be used to draw fine detail in notebook. But I haven't found any decent editor yet - at least nothing that compares with NX2 or Live Picture (LP) for making spot changes for burning and dodging. The Pencil seems to be very responsive. But it doesn't compare with a Powerbook/iMac running Tiger/Classic and with LP I can brush color changes and detail changes and so on with the swipe of the pen, selecting the smallest area to make changes to or change the entire image in one swoop. Right now I am using an iMac G5 PPC running Live Picture under Classic, using an old Wacom tablet with mouse and pen. And I can also use a yr 2000 Pismo Powerbook to do the same type of editing.

So, have people forgotten what was possible with this old hardware? Do they think the iPad Pro is an advance on previous technology? I mean, the iPad Pro doesn't even recognize any color space other than its own display. And how could you even think of doing multi layer composites on it? Have a look at the picture is it a plane or a bird posted today done on a 10 year old Powerbook using Live Picture (1997 App.) It was easy to make the picture believable in LP 2.6.

Well it's great for watching Youtube - the sound is fantastic.
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