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Running the site

Running the site

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Posted: 12-31-15 2:02 PM - Views: 1103

By: Leica Images

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As you all know, this site is absolutely free to use. I strive to make features and improvements to make the site more attractive along with annual contests open to the public with great prizes.

Hosting the server with a reputable facility and providing the storage needed to accommodate all of the great photos here is costly. Having said that, I extend my many thanks and gratitude to those who have donated to keep the site running.

If you would like to make a one time donation or subscription, just scroll to the bottom of any page on this site and the option to do so is there.

Also, if you shop at Amazon, if you use this www.leicaimages.com/shopamazon.php]Amazon Page to initiate your search and purchase, it will help us.




Reply from Ced Muscat on 02-17-16 10:36 AM

Jorge, the site has slowed down drastically with my browser turning nonstop and indications of getting "Amazon" data?!
Maybe as they are one of your sponsors you don't mind.
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