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Favorite Leica camera?

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Favorite Leica camera?

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 07-11-15 5:01 AM - Views: 2425

By: Glen Charles

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what Leica camera do you love the most? What makes it so special?

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Reply Nr.14 from Leica Images on 06-28-21 8:00 AM

Leica MP ( film ) witha 50 Summilux. Can't beat it!

Reply Nr.13 from mnutzer on 03-17-21 3:31 AM

M10-P - and if it's raining cats and dogs a water resistent X-U.

Reply Nr.12 from Leica Images on 05-26-16 3:42 PM

Leica MP in black .72 by far my all time favorite. Pair it with a 50 lux and you are golden!
Reply Nr.11 from Michael Weaver on 05-25-16 5:35 PM

While it is not the smallest Leica I have ever owned, the new M (Typ240) is likely the most versatile M platform for digital imaging. For film I have an M6 TTL. Lets face it, no one really cares what you used to get the image with, they just know a great image when they see it. Clients don't care if you use film or digital except that you better be ready to upload social media images shortly after you are done with a shoot. Film kinda limits that happening very quickly.

I've used the M8 and still have one that I use. Renders colors a bit differently than the new M but that's nothing to really worry about. The M8 is superb for BW and IR shooting. Put a lens with a IR only transmission filter on it and you can frame your subject and press the shutter. Guess what... the aperture priority automatic function works perfectly! Way easier than using an DSLR as you don't have the filter cutting off visible light in the finder.

Have owned LTM Leicas and lenses along with M3 and M4P. The only thing about using the mechanical cameras with no meters is that you have to slow down to make sue you have accurate exposures. While not a problem for some, if you work as a photojournalist you are going to miss shots from time to time because of it. Modern cameras are capable of bettering your hit percentage. I did love my M4P and Pentax digital spotmeter combo, but times change and the M6 TTL works faster in most any situation where you need to meter. As to the TTL, nice to have it as a tool in the box but honestly have never used it.

The new M (pick whichever version) is a great tool that is capable of taking pretty much any lens you want to adapt to it. Of course you need the electronic finder to do that but it's the only way I'd buy the camera. The other thing I really do like is the multi function grip. Gives you GPS, better grip and ports for all manner of electronic connections. Wish the camera had a second card capability but maybe that's something for the future. The other must have is a Thumbie grip instead of the types that plug into your accessory shoe. Thumbie uses adhesive to mount to camera body. With the Thumbie and MF grip you aren't going to drop anything.

My cameras get used around lots of people and show signs of use. The remarks here are based on my usage.
Reply Nr.10 from Terry Clair on 03-13-16 10:10 AM

I love both my Leica X-Vario and the the X, both are very underrated cameras, but miss my M8. I sold it to buy a Sony A7 which I don't really relate to very well. I'm not sure why I takes good enough images.
Reply Nr.9 from Odd Geir Saether on 01-17-16 9:53 AM

IIIf - w/Elmar 5cm3,5 . . my first serious camera. Adox KB 14, developed in Neofin Blau, produced negatives with incredible sharpness - close to Kodachrome resolution.
Reply Nr.8 from Jim Parriott on 12-6-15 9:48 PM

I think my M2 - although the M3 is very close behind. It's funny how we're all picking film Leicas. Amazing instruments - a joy to use.
Reply Nr.7 from Ettore Ciancaglini on 11-28-15 2:46 PM

I have brought my M4 in Sahara desert with the lens 35 Summicron. A perfect combination for a stress test. I like very much to use that camera in my journeis.
Reply Nr.6 from Ron on 11-28-15 10:35 AM

An M3 (SS) bought in Munich in 1961 with a 1.4 50mm Summilux with less use of 90mm and 135mm lenses but little used altogether when the darkroom was dismantled. It was and always will be a classic built like a tank with its smooth as silk shutter - similar to nostalgic appreciation for a wonderful vintage tube stereo playing a pristine vinyl record.
Reply Nr.5 from Dave Little on 11-27-15 9:39 AM

I have had my M2 for 45 years, and it is beautiful, stopped using it for a while. A couple of years ago, when I got my M8, I had Red Dot service it and so started using it again!
Fitted a Quick Load kit and,sorted out the MR Meter. so its all good to go again. Now i need a bigger bag, so I can carry both bodies !
Reply Nr.4 from Wayne Foley on 11-21-15 10:35 AM

For me, no doubt it is the M6TTL. I have an M7 also, but the M6TTL just oozes craftsmanship and is just a joy to use. No worries regarding battery failure,in particular in colder weather. The M7 although a fine camera, because of it's reliability on batteries,it has been an issue for me and it has failed me in colder conditions in particular. The M6TTL just keeps shooting regardless of conditions.
Reply Nr.3 from Mark on 11-1-15 8:19 PM

Though I am still using my Leica CL, I like it very much. Of course Leica M6, with or without TTL, is my dream camera.
Reply Nr.2 from Gino on 10-28-15 1:33 PM

Currently using an M4P and M4. I'll more than likely never leave M series cameras. Going from the rewind knob of my M2's and 3 to the crank of the 4-4P was all the advancement I can take. haha g_fjeld on IG.
Reply Nr.1 from Ced Muscat on 07-14-15 11:57 AM

Without a doubt the M6!
It feels like a jewel of craftsmanship.
The camera has no fumbling knobs, buttons etc.
The size feels/fits like it is part of your hand.
All works as you expect and coupled with a fine lens the results are pleasing to say the least.
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