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Wi-Fi transfer of pictures - Old cameras

Wi-Fi transfer of pictures - Old cameras

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Posted: 03-15-15 8:45 AM - Views: 801

By: Glen Charles

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I was really surprised to discover that I could add a wi-fi connection to my older cameras using the new eye-fi card. I bought an 8GB Mobi card of the new type and within a few minutes pictures were being transferred to my Macbook pro running Yosemite as I shot them. All I had to do was enter the activation code into the computer and select the Mobi card drom the wi-fi listing. I took a few shots to start the process and the camera immediately linked to the computer and began sending pictures. The newer cards work with MAC OSX 10.8 - 10.10 (though check this first,) and on recent PCs.

The old eye-fi cards only worked with certain cameras that had an eye-fi selection. Now I am using the new cards in an old Fujifilm F50SE and an old Fujifilm S100fs. And it will work with my old Lumix L10. On their web site you can search for your camera, and almost all cameras after about 2008 seem to be listed. I can also send the pictures automatically to picture galleries via a WEB connection. But this transfer doesn't need a WEB connection, it has a wi-fi server built into the card and this makes a network. I can also transfer the pictures to my phone or iPad as I walk around. This is a way better method than using the wi-fi in the SONY camera, which is a real pain.
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