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LeicaImages is very slow

LeicaImages is very slow

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Posted: 12-10-14 4:17 AM - Views: 714

By: Heinz Krubner

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Sorry to bother admins - but since a few days LeicaImages is very slow there in Austria, like a snail. All other pages and forums behave as quick as always - and I use a very quick internet connection. Is there a unsolved problem or can I do anything myself to overcome this situation ?

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Reply from Leica Images on 12-13-14 6:25 PM

The problem is in the code for the comments on the home page. I have taken them off until I re code it.
Reply from Ced Muscat on 12-13-14 9:26 AM

Not sure if you have altered something JT but it seems better today...
I have not tried to upload but logging on and browsing seems fine!
Reply from Leica Images on 12-10-14 9:28 AM

looking into it

It is slow for me too.
Reply from Ced Muscat on 12-10-14 8:33 AM

Good to know others have the same issue, I just thought it was my side...
Reply from Glen Charles on 12-10-14 5:04 AM

Herer in the USA the site has slowed also, about half its usual speed. Loading the opening page takes much longer, about 20 seconds.

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