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Ridiculously slow uploading

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Ridiculously slow uploading

Category: General Discussion

Posted: 06-30-14 9:17 PM - Views: 814

By: Jim Parriott

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I never can do 5 at a time. And now I can't even do 3. I'm talking hours. Many attempts.

I'm streaming music and video on this computer without a problem. What's going on? Anyone else having this problem?

I'm giving up tonight...

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Reply Nr.7 from Jim Parriott on 10-12-14 3:45 PM

Yup - Uploaded 5 photos in about a minute. TWC cable modem rocks -- at least where I live.
Reply Nr.6 from Jim Parriott on 10-12-14 10:52 AM

I think the problem lies with the bandwidth of your internet service in your area. I live in West Hollywood, which is ridiculously over subscribed. AT&T is horrible. I've recently had to switch to TWC and a cable modem and pay for their highest speed. Steaming has much improved -- I'll try uploading some photos today and see if that improves, as well.
Reply Nr.5 from Terry Bell on 10-12-14 10:17 AM

Hello to all.

I am new to this site and just uploaded my first 5 photos via my iPad.

It took less than a minute for all five photos.

Lovely for me to see so many fine images.

Thanks to all


Reply Nr.4 from Ross Funnell on 10-5-14 5:39 AM

Same problem here can never send more than 3 and it takes forever puts me off using this site .
Reply Nr.3 from Jim Parriott on 06-30-14 10:49 PM

No, Jorge - it's very very very slow. Only one photo has been posted in the last 4 hours.
Reply Nr.2 from Jim Parriott on 06-30-14 10:27 PM

I will try again.
Reply Nr.1 from Leica Images on 06-30-14 10:26 PM

I just uploaded 5 files in about 10 seconds.
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